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Badoo Review

¬†Badoo is an extremely popular social network, although it hasn’t done as well in the US as it has in many countries abroad such as Brazil. Many people say the site, although termed as a “social network” is primarily dating-focused (wikipedia agrees), and I tend to agree with that assertion. However, I do kind of like the more casual environment Badoo brings to the table. By not explicitly calling it a dating site, I think they leave the site more open to interpretation, and the subsequent result is a sort of more laid back atmosphere that I personally find more appealing in comparison to your normal sort of stringent dating site community.

Besides the appealing atmosphere, Badoo also has great features. The site primarily generates its revenue from the users themselves paying for a temporary popularity boost or paying for “superpowers” which unlock premium features. These features are basically nice-to-haves, and are not necessary to meet people on the website, which you can do 100% free. The temporary popularity boost is something you experience once for free when you first signup, and it will cause people to start immediately messaging you, so I can definitely see the appeal to paying for it for anyone who has trouble getting attention. Badoo’s ability to generate revenues from the aforementioned channels allow it to essentially have zero advertisements throughout the website, which is frankly quite awesome! Give them a visit at