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Camzap Review

 Camzap is a roulette video chat site that started essentially as an exact replica of the original Chatroulette. It came into being shortly after Chatroulette’s rise to fame, and by timing it right, was able to piggyback on that fame in order to achieve its very own popularity, which it still seems to successfully maintain to this day. Whether you want to call it smart marketing tactics or pure luck, they are what they are, a popular random live webcam chat site. However, they do seem to be trying to make things a bit more interesting nowadays.

You see, there’s a good chance most of their visitors don’t notice this, because it is VERY poorly advertised, but Camzap actually has a new beta version that adds an interesting twist to the typical roulette option. First, they give you an option to register, and I know this may be a turn off to many of you due to the need for anonymity that is so often very dear to users, but bare with me for a moment. If you are in the midst of a random nexting session, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to click a nice big “add to friends” button and save a favorite new contact just like that? No more losing that connection and never being able to find them again, even though they could have been your soul mate! See, there are benefits! Yes, I admit, that example situation was likely a bit extreme, but you get the idea. Anyway, at least check it out – you can visit them at Update: Site no longer exists.