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Facebuzz Review

┬áThis site used to be a lot bigger than it is now, but it’s still got a decent following. Initially Facebuzz capitalized on being a Chatroulette imitator / alternative while the buzz about Chatroulette was still going strong, and that worked wonders for it. The site also came up with a smart plan that involved allowing other site owners to embed their chat software in their websites, such that no matter what site users were on they still accessed the same database of available users. This allowed Facebuzz to have a bigger pool of visitors available for other visitors to connect with, and helped propel them, at least at the beginning.

But what about nowadays, you ask? Well, they still maintain a decent level of users online to chat with. However, they obviously aren’t where they once were, as already noted. In terms of the software system, it works pretty well, and seems to be running on flash. That means if you want to use it on your iPhone, you’re out of luck unless you download a special browser for it. BUT, even if you do that, you probably won’t be able to use video, it just doesn’t work as far as I can tell, but there might be a way if you jailbreak your phone, I really need to look into it. The truth of the matter really is that you’ll have problems using pretty much any random roulette video chat service on your iPhone. Anyway, all that aside, Facebuzz IS still worth trying out, so give them a visit at! Update: Site no longer exists.