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MeetSkip Review

MeetSkip is a random chat site that was founded in 2016 in order to provide a more perfect app to talk to strangers than the other existing websites provided. The creators of this application saw the many deficiencies in their competitors’ offerings, and carefully crafted a list of all the elements they wanted to change. This included things such as a more clean inviting design, cross-platform functionality, and the ability to share pictures during conversations. All of these issues were successfully addressed by the MeetSkip team resulting in a brilliant final product that puts other random chat rooms to shame. If you want to go ahead and give them a try right now give them a visit: Random Chat at

While it is true that their app only offers a random text chat rather than also including video, this isn’t really a big deal these days. A lot of people are tired of the live video version due to the inevitable inappropriate users as well as the requirement of having to show your own self constantly live to random strangers. There is sort of a live video fatigue that many people feel, where they prefer to not have to continuously show themselves on camera. Thus, MeetSkip has come up with the perfect solution that also still allows users to show what they look like if they want to, which is the ability to share photos at your leisure. Even the almighty Omegle does not possess this capability, so even though it sounds simple enough, many similar sites either don’t have it or don’t have a perfectly working version of it. All issues have been worked out in the case of this app, and everything seems to work perfectly.

Finally, the creators of this service decided to add one last extra feature into the mix. This extra option is the use of built-in emoticons. At first you might think that you can already insert emotes anyway, but that’s only really true if you’re on a mobile device that has them readily available. And even then, what if they don’t show up properly to someone on another different type of device? The built-in emoji list helps solve these sorts of issues, and definitely a nice thing to have. Anyway, I think that about covers it, so stop reading and start chatting online!