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Chatpig Review

 So, this site is obviously made kewl since the name involves a pig, I mean seriously, a pig…it’s just so…badass. Anyway, don’t ask me why it includes “pig” in the name, but ChatPig is a roulette video chat site with a focus on Germany. As in, it’s filled with Germans speaking Deutsche like a bunch of ballers. Ask for sauerkraut with a clearly American tone and you WILL get next-ed, no joke, so yea, remember that. The only way you can ask for it and be okay is if you also ask for a bratwurst, so also remember that – VERY important. Okay, anyway, on to more important things.

Um, the site itself is basically an imitation of Chatroulette. It looks like they used to have their own extra custom feature of some sort which is now disabled, but it had something to do with pigs I think judging by the name of it, which would be awesome except that again, it is disabled 🙁 but oh well. There seem to be plenty of people online to chat with, so that’s always a good sign. And the underlying software seems to be pretty well done, not too buggy, and decently fast, so those are also good signs. In general, I would say it’s definitely worth a try if for no other reason than you can say “wienerschnitzel” and have an actual German lecture you about its true meaning, which I won’t divulge because obviously it needs to be surprise! Anyway, you can visit them at Update: Site no longer exists.