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Flipchat Review

┬áSo, Flipchat isn’t just a copy of Chatroulette, like a lot of these other sites I’ve already written about. Instead, it has it’s own special nextra features that kind of well, actually set it apart, which is really a nice change of pace considering all the copycats I’ve had to cover, aye. But, regardless of the fact that it has some uniqueness about it, Flipchat still has the same bare bones roulette random video chat functionality as all the rest. And, just like the rest, having enough users again is basically the most important thing, and this site has quite a few, but it’s on the border of not having enough. Thus, it is treading a thin line between existence and non-existence, because as soon as it falls to too few users online, it will go downhill at essentially an exponential rate, in sort of a vicious cycle where people show up and then leave before the next person shows up, and so on.

Anyway, for now, they live on! And they have a registration system, which is pretty dang cool. You see, you can be going along pressing “next” and surfing all the users who are available and then when you finally find someone you like, and who hopefully also likes you, you can click the “add to friends” button and just like that you are both connected forever so that you can entertain one another in perpetuity! However, there is one catch, the other person needs to also be logged in. This can be a bit of a problem, because a lot of people are too lazy to register, or simply don’t want to register. I’m not really sure how or if this can even be solved, especially with a site with so few users, but I hope they come up with some sort of crazy cool solution! Check them out at Update: Site no longer exists.