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Chattino Review

 Chattino is a typical Chatroulette copycat, BUT is does have a bit of a quirk about it, which is that it is primarily focused on attracting users from Germany! Yep, they be speaking German all up in here, and it gets crazayyyy. There are quite a few visitors online at any given time, so that’s a good sign, and you can definitely get in some solid language practice if that’s something you’re into. And, of course, if you happen to be German yourself, you can talk to your comrades rather than random strangers from all over the world, although, I shouldn’t say that is for sure what will happen because the site isn’t limited by IP or anything, so you could still get a person from anywhere in the world, but I think you get the idea.

Um, anyway, the software itself seems pretty decent. Have yet to see any errors or bugs that threw me off while I was next-ing people and what not. There also weren’t too many nasty naked dudes, so that was a good thing, although maybe I just got lucky, who knows. The website itself loaded at about an average speed I would say for a roulette video chat site, so nothing amazing or horrible in that regard. Hmmm, I guess that really about covers everything. Oh wait, the site also has a link to a “games” section, but it seems to be completely unrelated to the chat deal, so I guess there isn’t much to say about that other than if you want easy access to some flash games at the same place you random chat, this might be the site for you! Woohoo! Find them at Update: Site no longer exists.