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OkCupid Review

¬†Alright, this is a pretty awesome free online dating site. It rivals POF in the awesomeness category, but it isn’t quite as popular, at least according to it’s Alexa ranking and other such traffic data I’ve been able to get my hands on. However, it seems to be in a close second place among free USA dating visitors I believe. And, a testament to its success was that the founder sold it for only a mere $50 million, plus another $40 million in earnout potential. And they sold it to none other than, so yea, let’s just say this site and its owners have done well. And, rightly so, because it is a very smooth running application with a lot of nice features.

One of the premises behind the rise of OkCupid seems to be their matching system. Basically, it will ask a user all sorts of questions that the OkCupid team seems to have determined to make a big difference as to whether or not people will work out. Then, if you have compatible answers with people, some sort of what I’m guessing is a points-based system is used to tabulate and compare potential matches, and then tell you what you’re percentage of match is with relation to some other user. So, you will see this other user, and it will say “80% match” which generally is a pretty good score to see, and that basically means that you both answered questions in such a way that you will both agree on a lot of big issues in life and thus be more compatible with one another and thus be more likely to work out. I think you get the idea here, so rather than keep blabbering why don’t you just go give them a try at