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Stickam Review

 Stickam is an awesome and old titan of the video chatting industry. As far as I’m aware, it was the first site to really form a sort of community around video chatting, or at least with more of a social aspect to it. Thus, being  a pioneer and all, it went viral and became very popular, and it still remains popular to this very day. If you’re looking to register and join a site dedicated to webcam chatting where you can have your very own live streaming channel and other goodies this is the site for you! Obviously that’s a very brief take on it so let me get into a bit more detail.

First, before I forget, I should definitely mention that Stickam DOES have a Chatroulette type of chatting option, and it’s called Stickam Shuffle.However, you have to be registered and logged in to use it, so there is a bit of an anonymity problem for those of you who value that. On the flip side, the registration requirement makes for a much cleaner environment in terms of WAY less disgusting sights, if you know what I mean. So, as with anything, with the positives comes the negatives. In any case, that is actually just one very small piece of the entire site. The main focus of the site is the community and each user has their very own channel. Some users schedule weekly shows, and some just come on whenever. There are rankings showing who has had the most viewed channel for the week, month, etc. And some of the shows are scripted ahead of time, so there are some great comedy routines. If all this sounds good to you make sure to check them out at! Update: Site no longer exists.