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Tagged Review

 Tagged is the self-proclaimed “social network for meeting new people”. It is very popular with over 300 million registered users, but seems to have slightly less active users than its major competitor Badoo based on the fact that it has a lower Alexa ranking (probably gets less visitors on a monthly basis). Many people call the niche in which Tagged exists the “social encounters” niche. The niche seems to have taken hold, at least in the case of this site, as a way to save itself when Facebook became the dominant player in terms of keeping in touch with people you already know. It was a logical and smart direction to go in that would allow the site to avoid a slow and painful death, and it seems to have worked.

The site has a lot more features than Badoo does, such as their own social games platform, and users are encouraged to meet new people while they play. This, in conjunction with many of the usual social networking features, has contributed to the sites great success. The average active user on Tagged is said to spend about 2 minutes more using the Tagged website than using Facebook, which is quite remarkable. I would guess that the prospect of meeting new people is somewhat more exciting, which likely contributes to this phenomenon. When you can also potentially utilize the site for free online dating purposes, that also likely adds to the addiction. It would seem to me that playing online games with someone could definitely be a more casual and fun way to “break the ice”. If all this sounds good, check the site out at