Omegle Review

¬†Omegle is the inventor of the “random chat” (also known as “roulette chat”) niche. Before Omegle, other chatting services obviously existed, and there may have been some programs that sort of allowed you to randomly connect to another person on an instant messenger such as AOL or whatever, but it was never really utilized on a sustainable popular level nor framed in a way that really created a new category of chatting. Thus, as far as I’m concerned, Omegle gets credit for creating a ridiculously awesome category for chatting online. And yes, they came into existence well before Chatroulette, so don’t even go there.

Anyway, as should be expected of the pioneer in a specific popular niche, Omegle is hugely popular, and with popularity comes a better user experience as with most social sites. There have to be enough people to makes things interesting, and Omegle has this aspect covered. But, they don’t stop there. Omegle started with only a text chat version, then added video chat to keep up with Chatroulette, and then went another step further by adding something called “spy mode”. Spy mode allows you to pose a question and watch as two other users argue over the correct answer, or just blather off topic for hours, you never really know what you’re going to get. But, as with all roulette sites, not knowing what will happen is a big part of the intrigue that keeps users coming back. After all, who doesn’t want to shake things up a bit? You can visit Omegle at

Chatroulette Review

Chatroulette¬†If you haven’t heard of Chatroulette, I don’t know what to say, other than you must not be paying much attention on the interwebs! Chat Roulette is probably the most famous of any website dedicated purely to chatting. It quickly went viral and rose to fame due to the “random” or “roulette” nature in which it pairs one user with one single other user. Well, that and the fact that it is a webcam chat session, not just simple text. You see, simple text “roulette” came out quite a while before Chatroulette ever did, and it was pioneered by a different site that also is hugely popular to this day, Omegle. Chatroulette, of course, took the concept a large step further by incorporating video, and the crazy pranks and other not-as-fun things people would do on video helped propel it to viral-status, and then subsequently it’s current steadfast leadership position in the online chatting niche.

Anyway, although Chatroulette may not be the grand-daddy of “roulette” or “random” chatting per say, the amount of attention it brought to the niche was extraordinary, and greatly benefited everyone involved, most especially sites like Omegle and iMeetzu. You see, the increased attention to this style of chat really peaked everyone’s curiosity, and curiosity leads to more visitors. With more people exposed to and experiencing this “new” form of chatting, it then followed that more people would also return. Thus, as sites already in the niche for text chatting added video into the mix and made themselves as alternatives to Chatroulette, their popularity grew dramatically.

As for Chatroulette itself, the site remains popular to this day. It has gone through quite a few changes since its beginning in order to try and solve the problem of males exposing themselves, and whether or not it has been successful in reducing such unsightly episodes is up for debate. I suppose the most important thing is that they’re trying, so they deserve your visit! Check them out at